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The best cocktail bar

Photo by Bennfiddich_tokyo on Bennfiddich_tokyo

Ben Fiddich is literally the best cocktail bar I have ever visited. It’s smallish, personal, themed in its own unique stule of nature and class, and is like its own magic world of spirits. There isn’t a set menu. Rather, the staff will ask you what you feel like, what you want, etc and will come up with the best cocktail to suit your mode. Each of their cocktails is a twist or unique in some way. For example, when I asked for a daiquiri the bartender produced a giant piece of sugar cane and a machine to extract the sugar from it. The owner continually comes up with unique concoctions and infusions to use in cocktails, so you never quite known what you’re going to get. This made my create The staff speaks English so communication is very easy. When there have been miscommunications it’s enabled new exciting paths to follow too, so I wouldn’t worry about what you’re going to get.

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